Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Even though it's Monday.  Despite the cold that is invading every room of my house.  Spring is here, according to some sciencey stuff about planet orbit patterns, the birds, the pollen and the weeds.  It's been here a week.  I believed it for a few days.  I got excited for flip flops.  Then Mother Nature slapped me in the face with this 39 degrees junk.  So today, I'm slapping back -- bento style.  And yeah, I said sciencey.  Its a word.  I said so, and I'm important, remember?

Spring Bento -- Melon Fusion Jello (no idea what that means), Butterfly tortillas, cheese bunny, Tulip eggs, pepperoni "petals", sunflower seeds (for effect ... its Spring) in shredded cheese, and "birds eggs" jelly beans with flower marshmallow.  

They also got some pizza sauce in a separate container.  Butterfly pizzas -- how much more Spring can you get?  And still so trendy.  This is Bean's lunch.  Peanut doesn't "do" hard boiled eggs, so she got oranges.  Not springy enough for a picture.  She was actually bummed about that.

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