Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fish, Dogs and Pigs

I love making lunch for the kids with a theme.  Peanut and Bean love to see themes in their lunches.  They even ask for it.  That's another reason to have bento lunches.  They love the fun aspect.  I try to be super creative and come up with neat themes that are all tied together.  Sometimes it works.  I'll post the ones that work.  The ones that don't will just go to school without any fanfare.

Here are three themes I did for the girls last week.  Save for the blue rice, they loved them.
Ocean Theme -- Fish sticks, rice with cheese dolphin and green bean seaweed, Goldfish crackers, pepperoni "bubbles" and brownie "rocks"

Dog theme -- Dog shaped PB&J with cheese collar, Smores cereal "dog food", dog shaped marshmallows, cheese stick "dog bones" and a frozen yogurt "fetch stick"

Three Little Pigs theme -- Pig sandwich (opened faced Nutella sandwich), "Sticks" Wheat Thin Sticks, "Hay" Lo Mein noodles, "Bricks" cheese sticks, "Pig Trough" celery with peanut butter, and "Mud" brownie squares.

Notice the cute factor.  Cute equals the kids eat it up.  Except blue rice.  Blue rice is too strange to eat, I've been told.