Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bentos are Trendy

Bento Boxes are hip and neat and fun.  Trendy.  They are also a great way to feed children.  Why you ask?  They provide small amounts of varied foods presented in fun ways. Kids love them.  They beg for them.  Your kids don't, you say.  Your kids aren't into the latest fads, you say.  Really?  Think Lunchables.  Yup, they're bentos.  Crackers, cheese, processed meat -- all cleverly cut into shapes and served in little divided trays.  Bentos are trendy, and kids love them.  Peanut and Bean love them.  For Christmas, the ever great Nana got them Bento Lunch Boxes in cute bags.  Bento boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but I love the ones my girls have because they are in their own cute bags.  I'm all about cute bags.

What goes into a bento box?  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I try to do themes.  I'll present them here for others to gawk at and be inspired by.  At the least you can say "OOH" and "AAH" and be amazed that I have too much time in the mornings for my children and obviously should never complain about lack of sleep.  Its cool.

Here's a few lunches I've put together for my girls in the past:

Jello, Wheat Thin crackers, pepperonis, cheese stick, oreos and pickles.  With picks.  Picks are most important in Bento world.  And they must be cute.  Don't use plain toothpicks.  That's not trendy.

Lunchable style -- turkey, cheese and crackers.  But see, I cut the turkey into stars.  So its trendy.  Kids like stars.  Peanut and Bean won't eat turkey sandwiches.  But make it some stars and put it with crackers and BOOYAH!  Instant lovable lunch.

Healthy is fun.  Sliced apples with peanut butter, rice, edamame and soy sauce.  Yum.  And a smiley face.  Cuteness wins.

Valentines bento.  Holidays are important and must be celebrated inside the children's lunch.  Heart sandwich with Nutella, heart marshmallows, strawberries and cute little Teddy crackers.  

These are simple and the kids eat things they wouldn't otherwise eat.  Imagine that.  Those Japanese are so, so clever.  And trendy.  Mustn't forget trendy. 

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