Monday, June 20, 2011

Shameless Plug

Monkey Man and his "Countdown" poster
Betty White didn't want to do Saturday Night Live.  She was done with stand-up, she felt she was too old, whatever was her excuse, she didn't want to do it.  Then Facebook got involved.  "Get Betty White to host SNL" was the page (or something like it).  All you had to do was click the "like" button.  If enough people did, surely she'd notice.  And she did.  Or her PR guy did, which is more likely.  I mean, is Betty White on Facebook?  Pages are started all the time for things people want you to "like" in order to get attention.  It's social media at it's finest (or at least most popular).  So, I am utilizing the same thing the Betty White page did.  Popularity.  Monkey Man loves Taylor Swift.  I've mentioned that before.  Her concert is October 30th, and he has tickets.  He has all his birthday money saved up to spend.  He really wants to meet her.  Not likely you say? Well, it could happen.  We've got this Facebook page.  We figure if enough people like it, and post it to their Facebook walls, and their friends post it, etc. then someone will notice.  Probably not Taylor Swift (or her PR guy).  But maybe the local country music station or local news station.  Then they will want to help Monkey Man too.  Perhaps then she'll notice.  I'd love to see the power of social media work its magic.  So if you read this, click on the link, then like the page.  And tell your friends.  It worked for Betty White.  She noticed.

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